How To Make, Package and Sell Chin-Chin In Nigeria

    If you’re looking for information on how to make chin chin and Package chin chin for sale in Nigeria, you’re in luck, because the complete guide on how to make, Package and Sell Chin-Chin and Procedure for making chin-chin is right here!
    This post also give you more knowledge  and Shows the study on chin chin production showing you how to make profit in chin chin business here in Nigeria. 
    How To Make, Package and Sell Chin-Chin For Sale In Nigeria

    Most Nigerians have asked themselves at least once in their lifetime: What business can i do in Nigeria? The truth is there are many fantastic business opportunities in Nigeria, from farming to sales, but chin chin making may be the most lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital.

    The ingredients can be sourced just anywhere including open markets, large food stores, supermarket, malls, etc. the common ingredients for making chin-chin are flour, sugar, milk and butter.

    Chin Chin is widely known by Nigerians, also Chin-chin is one of the most snacks consume in Nigeria, and it is loved by many  including little children.

    The choice of a chin chin cutting machine depends solely on your budget. If you look for a chin chin making machine on Jiji, you will see that it’s possible to buy a manual chin chin cutter for as little as 30,000, while the industrial chin chin machine price is about ₦165,000.

    Requirement for a chin chin business in Nigeria to start.

    • Electric or gas stove
    • Large pan for frying
    • A scooping tool
    • A cooling tray
    • Chin Chin cutter
    • Chin Chin packaging
    • Chin Chin recipe

    Ingredients for making chin-chin

    1. 300g of flour
    1. 120g of caster sugar
    1. A pinch of salt (1/8 table spoon)
    1. A pinch of nutmeg
    1. 1 whole egg
    1. 70g of evaporated milk
    1.  85ml of melted margarine
    1. 1g of water

    Materials needed for frying the chin-chin

    1. Frying pan
    2. Frying spoon or spatula
    3. Electric cooker, gas or stove
    4. Rolling pin
    4. Chopping board (alternatively any clean flat surface)
    1. In a bowl add 300g of pure flour or all purpose flour.
    2. Into the same bowl add 120g of caster sugar (or any other sugar of your choice)
    3. Add a pinch of baking powder into the bowl as little as 1/8 table spoon
    4. Add a pinch of nutmeg into the bowl and mix all the ingredients together until evenly distributed.
    5. Create a well in the middle of the bowl which already contains the mixed ingredients and pour 1 whole egg into it.
    6. Add 70ml of evaporated or any other milk of your choice into the centre of the bowl
    7. Add 85ml of melted margarine or butter.
    8. Add little water (1g) into the bowl containing the mixture.
    9. Slowly mix the ingredients from the centre then gradually to the other parts.
    10. After mixing the though properly set the dough aside.
    What to consider before going into any packaging business
    1. Whether you want to go into a medium or large scale supply which will demand you getting a special brand name by registering with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).
    2. What is your budget? the capital you are ready to put into the packaging business will determine how far your business will go.
    3. If you intend to go into medium and large scale production and packaging of chin-chin are you ready to register with the appropriate authorities, a good example is National Agency for food and Drugs, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and patiently wait for the NAFDAC reg number before proceeding with your business?
    4. Do you have a good land space or the finance to acquire a land for starting the packaging business or if for a start you prefer to package from your home space, which will bring about limitation to the type of market you supply to.
    5. Is there an available means of mobility to transport and distribute the packaged chin to customers and retail outlets based on demand?
    6. The number of factory workers you will be needing for the business, which is directly proportional to the scale of the business. If you must package from your home in small scale worrying about factory workers will not be necessary.

    Chin-chin can be packaged into plastic transparent containers of different shapes and sizes.
    Chin-chin can also be packaged into transparent nylon bags and sealed
    Chin-chin is locally packaged by tying specific measures into nylons and distributed locally.
    The quality of the packaging material that is used in sealing the chin-chin determines how expensive the chin will be sold.
    For start-ups, if you decide to invest N10, 000 into chin-chin production and packaging business then you can be sure of getting back a profit of extra N7000 to N8000 after removing the initial expenditure invested into the business.

    Which also depends on the environment where the chin-chin is being sold. Maximum profit can be acquired in large scale production as the business grows over time.
    1. Get a good means of mobility (a van, bus, pick-up, hilux etc) to help ease the distribution of your products to customers.
    2. Get reliable distributors that can market your products to various retail outlets, open market, super market, food stores and malls.
    3. To increase your customer base, after taking a feasibility study of the prices for which the chin-chin is sold similarly in market, offer to sell at a good discount. This will win customers to your side.

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