Checkout 2018 GLO Night Browsing Plan And Subscription Code

    GLO Night Browsing Plan | how to activate 1GB for N200 for GLO midnight browsing plan in Nigeria (2018)| GLO subscription code and validity | 2018 GLO Night Browsing Plan in Nigeria And Subscription Code, GLO Night Browsing Plan and Code.
    Checkout 2018 GLO Night Browsing Plan And Subscription Code

    I know you must have been tired of spending too much for data all in the name of staying connected to the internet. It’s time to put all your worries aside because GLO night browsing plan has got you covered!.
    Browsing is an important piece of our everyday life and knowing fully well that internet plans are quite expensive, a lot have opted to browse smartly by activating the GLO night browsing plan that allows you to browse during the late hours of the day!

    Glo now is known for data in nigeria. They are best known for data. Truly Glo is a grand Master of Data

    GLO offers 1GB for N200 instead of Airtel 500MB for N25. This plan allows you to enjoy seamless browsing in the midnight between the hours of 12AM – 5AM. This might not be the cheapest night data bundle out there but if you are a big fan of GLO, you can use this plan for downloading, uploading, browsing, surfing social media websites, streaming and more.

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    Below, you will find GLO night browsing plan and subscription codes.

    GLO Night Plan — How To Activate GLO Night Browsing To Get 1GB for N200 Midnight

    How To Subscribe For GLO Night Browsing Plan (Code);

    • Recharge N200 airtime on your phone.
    • Dial *127*60# or SMS 60 to 127 or dial *777# then follow the prompt (Data Services » Buy Data » Night and Weekend plans » then select 1 for Night plan).

    How to check GLO Night Browsing Data Balance

    There are basically two ways to do this.
    1. Use Data Usage option available on your smartphone or…
    2. Use data balance USSD code on GLO.
    I know some of you will still be searching for GLO night browsing cheat instead of using the activation code that has been shared above to enjoy midnight browsing on GLObacom Nigeria.
    After knowing GLO Night Browsing Plan  And Subscription Code, i think Glo have the cheapest data ever.

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