How to Prepare Zobo Drink in Nigeria

    Ever wondered about How to Prepare Zobo Drink in Nigeria. Here are the Steps on how to prepare your Zobo Drink. How to Prepare Zobo Drink and Health Benefits. 

    In this post you will Learn How to Prepare Zobo Drink, Steps and Guide to Prepare Zobo Drink, Zobo drink, Zobo, Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink, Guidelines to prepare your Zobo Drink, Ingredients For Zobo Drink.

    Zobo drink is common in the southwestern part of Nigeria, Zobo also was known as “Zoborodo” in short is a drink made from dried flowers, it’s known as “Soboloin” Ghana, “sorrel” in the Caribbean, “Bisapp” in Central Africa, “Rosella” in Australia.

    Zobo drink is very nutritious and medicinal.

    You can enjoy Zobo drink using natural sweeteners and flavors like honey, sugar cane juice, pineapple juice etc so as not to lose some of its health benefits. 

    Also there are artificial flavors and sweeteners such as Foster clarks flavor, Nutri C, jolly juice e.t.c where natural flavours and sweetners are not available.  
    How to Prepare Zobo Drink and Health Benefits

    Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink

    Zobo is a popular nutritious drink filled with enormous health benefits. 
    If you experience the drink for the first time, maybe you will be impressed by the fresh and delicious taste this beverage provided.

    However, this drink that comes directly from West Africa is not only cherished due to the tasty flavor, but also the health benefits which you can gain when consume it. 

     The nutrition contained in Zobo drink even can be used to prevent and cure certain diseases/ illnesses
      1. Treatment for urinary tract infection
      2. It boost the function of the kidney
      3. Great source of vitamin A
      4. Good for diabetic patient
      5. Help reduces cholesterol level
      6. It contains anti bacterial properties
      7. It decreases spasms in the stomach
      8. It contains an enzyme inhibitor which hinders the production of amylase thereby lower blood pressure
      9. It acts as a cold relief 
      10. Good to maintain healthy eyes 
      11. Helps to deal with healthy eyes

      Zobo Drink Nutritional Values

       Some of the nutrients provided by the dried leaves including:

      • Vitamin C
      • Calcium
      • Iron
      • Phosphorous
      • Niacin
      • Riboflavin
      • Fiber
      • Fat
      • Thiamine
      • Carotene, etc.
      All these nutrients make excellent health advantages of Zobo drink which can aid in boosting body immune system and metabolism. its prevents certain diseases or illnesses.

      Ingredients For Zobo Drink In Nigeria

      1. Back of pineapple (optional)
      2. Back of orange (optional)
      3. Ginger
      4. Garlic
      5. Pepper soup spices
      6. Pepper
      7. Honey (don’t add sugar for healthy drink)

       Steps in making “Zobo” drink:

      1. Wash the dry zobo leaves thoroughly. They are usually very dusty. You might feel that washing it may remove all the colours and flavor but surprisingly when you start boiling you will see that the colours are intact
      2. Wash the pineapple, peel and cut them into thinly size. You can also add the back of the pineapple i.e the skin. But make sure it’s been washed thoroughly
      3. Peel ,wash and cut the ginger into tiny pieces and set aside
      4. Place the zobo leaves into a big pot
      5. Add the chunks of pineapple and add water just slightly above the contents of the pot
      6. Leave to boil for 5mins under medium heat
      7. Add the ginger and garlic, and top water to the content; allow boiling for at least 30 minutes. At this point , the Zobo and pineapple should be completely soft
      8. Remove from heat, set aside to cool down
      9. When it has completely cool down, seize the Zobo leaves and pineapples to extract its juice, leaving just the juice in the pot
      10. Pass the juice through a sieve to take off unwanted particles then again its being passed through a cotton cloth to get rid of the tinniest particles
      11. Add any artificial flavor of your choice and stir
      12. pour them in bottles and refrigerate
      Now your Zobo Drink is ready!

      Other Names of Zobo in different country

      1. Zobo drink/Zoborodo- In Northern Nigeria
      2. Isapa – In Yorubas in the South Western Nigeria
      3. Lumanda/Chibemba-In Zambia
      4. Omulete-Namibia
      5. Womjo- In Gambia
      6. Rosella/Rosella fruit- In Australia
      7. Belchanda- In Nepal
      8. Grosella- In Paraguay
      9. Sobolo – In Ghana
      10. Bissap – In Niger, Senegal, Burkina faso, Benin, France, Congo and Guinea Bissau.
      11. Jamaican Sorrel- In Caribbean & Latin America
      12. Dah/Dah/Bleni- In Mali
      13. Karkade- In Egypt, Sudan, & Saudi Arabia
      14. Flor de Jamaica- In Mexico
      in this post you will Learn How to Prepare Zobo Drink, Steps and Guide to Prepare Zobo Drink, Zobo drink, Zobo, Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink, Guidelines to prepare your Zobo Drink, Ingredients For Zobo Drink

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