Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 14

    Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 14
    (high school teenagers)  .EPISODE 14(feelings).BY RUTHIE LEE

    **Stacey's pov continues**
    Immediately I got to the living room I heard a knock, who could that be, I thought as I walked towards the door, when I opened it I was surprised to see Phillip, Daniel, Sophie and Tamara..
    "hey stace" Phillip said
    "hi.. What are you guys doing here" I said rubbed the back of my neck..
    "we're here to see you to spend the Sunday with you " Tamara said and I nodded
    "well come in" I tell them
    "hope they're no ghosts around here like the stories we're hearing" Sophie said and laughed a little
    "come-on I've been living here for two weeks or so and I haven't witnessed any ghost" I lied, but it's kind of true I see Jeremy as human
    They all walked in and sat down on the couch, "so what do you guys, cause we have drinks and nothing else" I said and they all laughed..
    "actually I think I'm okay " Phillip say
    "me too" Sophie remarked
    Ditto" Tamara added
    "well I think am a bit thirsty, I'll have one drink please" Daniel said she Sophie hit him playfully
    "so How was Gwen's sleepover" Daniel asked, dang it. Why does he have to ask
    " was okay.. I guess" I lied
    "hmm I can tell you're lying by the sound of your shaky voice" Tamara said, shit. She caught me
    "am not" I defended,
    I sighed and turned to my side to see Jeremy beside me, he smiled at me but I looked away, I don't want any of them to be suspicious.
    "look, Stacey, you can tell us anything we're your friends" Sophie said, the way she pounced the 'friends' gave my heart a warm feeling, I can't believe I Stacey Turner actually made friends, I nodded and forced out a smile I can't really tell them, Gwen kissed me two times and touched my boob's it's embarrassing and gross
    "why are you all so afraid of Gwen" I asked
    "like I've told you she kills" Daniel said
    "I don't get you, kills? how? " I said and sat down.. "according to the stories have heard..
    "you've heard stories but we've kind of witnessed it" Phillip interrupts Sophie
    "Duh, just because I'm also new doesn't mean I can't tell the story" Sophie said and rolled her eyes
    "gwen is a very dangerous person, she had killed like eight students in that school " Daniel said
    "actually it's ten" Phillip tells Daniel and he nodded in agreement
    "so these students, why did she kill them " I asked very curiously
    "she, doesn't kill guys but girls, only there's one of our friend Angie who started hanging out with her and her troops and two weeks later they had an argument, and then two days after Angie was no more we didn't see her in school again or hear from her" Phillip explains and sighed
    "and you guys were sure she was dead" I asked
    "of course, we attended her funeral, weeks after her funeral Sophie started our school" Phillip said
    "I missed Angie, she was just like you Stacey blond hair but blue-grey eyes, and wow I didn't notice your hair looks straight and different it's nice " Daniel tells me and I smiled but was worried
    "so you've gotta stay away from her " Daniel tells me and my heart started to beat..
    "do you guys know any reason why she killed those girls" I asked
    "um.. A guy named Steve actually got to hear about their conversation one time with another girl , he said he heard them arguing about sex or something" Tamara said scrunching her nose..
    "and the weirdest part is, she only hang out and kills girls with blond hair" Sophie said and they all nodded I glanced at Jeremy and he was staring at me I swallowed hard and turned my gaze back to my friends.. I guess..
    "so take it from me Stace just stay away from Gwen, she's a murderer" Phillip said calmly and I could feel my eyes getting hot..
    "guys could this be.. I'm kind of thinking maybe Gwen is homosexual " Daniel said
    "of course she is " Tamara and Phillip said at the same time..
    Okay okay Stacey don't cry, Gwen is not going to kill you, I tell my self but I couldn't control my self, all this is freaking me out I'm going crazy, why me..
    "Stacey are you okay" Phillip asked me, I touched my face and it was wet with tears, I nodded but who am I kidding..
    "no I'm not " I cried, my voice very shaky
    "tell what's wrong" Daniel said and I cleaned my tears but another set of tears fell Down my cheek, I sniffed and said with my shaky voice
    "actually, yesterday at Gwen's sleepover, Gwen.. She.. she kissed me,... twice" they all gasped with their eyes all open wide looking at me..
    "she what!!" Daniel yanked standing up while my tears kept gushing out of my eyes like waterfalls..
    "she really is a fucking lesbian" Phillip said angrily..
    Tamara suddenly received a text message from her mom
    "it's my mom, guys I've gotta go" Tara said
    "looks like I'll be heading home too" Daniel said
    They all stood up and approached me, "just avoid Gwen at all cost Stace, " Phillip said and I nod
    "don't worry we've got your back bestie " Tamara said and I smiled, at least I have friends who cares about me,

    I escorted them all to the door, "okay see u in school tomorrow " Stacey said and I nod
    "don't forget we'll always be here for here and deal with that witch or whatever she is" Tara said and I smiled at her brave tone, Phillip waved and smiled and his blue eyes sparked and I smiled back.
    "okay, then take care" Daniel said and hugged me, I hugged him back and when we disengaged he pecked me.. I hit him playfully on his stomach and he smiled and winked at me.. I waved to them goodbye and they all walked away, good thing they came here and told me about Gwen I know that now I'll have to stay away from her at all cost.. I tucked my hair behind my ear and went to my room,
    I met Jeremy pacing out beside my bed, he gave me a sympathetic look when I walk inside,
    "what" I asked
    "look I'm sorry I didn't offer to help when you told me to help you get away from Gwen the other day, I didn't know you were this hurt the way you cried downstairs made me feel bad, I only cared about seeing Natalie, I'm sorry" he said..
    "it's okay I mean it's in the past now right? " I say and he smiled, I walked over to my bed and sat down, I glanced at the time it's already 1:30pm I haven't even eaten and I'm nor hungry this story about Gwen is really giving me creeps.. That I loose my breath every second..
    "are you sure you're okay " Jeremy asked me
    "I don't know" I tell him but couldn't hold back the tears that kept falling, I'm just so scared I haven't been scared like this since when I was born..
    "it's okay Stacey remember your friends said they're here for you and I'm also here for you" he said and moved closer to me and cleaned my tears, goodness his hands are too cold..

    I ate my breakfast in the afternoon, and my mom and my brothers came back from the movies around five in the evening my mom made dinner but I couldn't eat, she kept asking if everything was okay that I can talk to her if anything's wrong but I just told her I'm fine.. But hell no I'm not fine..
    That night after taking a shower and changing into my pajamas, I snuggled up in my bed and folded my blanket around my body like a five years old child who needs her Mom, beside her to fall asleep..
    All of a sudden Jeremy appeared, and I quickly sit up straight,
    "haven't you sleep yet" he said playfully but I didn't smile ..
    "can you stay with me tonight" I said and bit my bottom lip
    "I always stay with you every night remember I'm your guardian angel" he said and smiled, his smiles always get me..
    "are you still scared " he asked
    "yeah" I replied and nodded
    "I've told you a billion times its okay, just go to sleep okay" he said and I nodded "but can you stay right here beside me" I said and he nodded and appeared beside me sitting on the bed..
    I sighed when I close my eyes i had a glimpse of Gwen and her mischievous grin.. I quickly opened my eyes and sighed
    "do you have feelings for Daniel " Jeremy asked
    "no" I say
    "really? " he asked and I nodded
    "I can tell you're lying " he said and I rolled my eyes,
    "I have to tell you something Stacey " Jeremy said and sighed
    "which is? " I asked...wondering what he's about to tell me..
    T. B. C
    By Ruthie Lee..

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