Story: Twins Love Episode 1

    Here is another love story from ruthie lee, you will enjoy this story enough. stay tune.

    Twins Love Episode 1 By Ruthie Lee

    Twins Love Episode 1 By Ruthie Lee - freedygist

    My name is Angie , 23 years old i live alone in my one room apartment added with a manageable kitchen and a bathroom/toilet..
    I work as a secretary in a big department store, and the pay is really good, am a good Christain and I know what's different from right and wrong
    Am still a virgin at my age and it's surprising but I can never let any pervert or lowlife basterd to hurt or take my pride..
    Am still single and am still looking for the right man
    Until one day God answered my prayers.

    One fine morning I woke up feeling tired and stressed out, I managed to get up take my bath brushed and prepared a break fast of cornflakes..
    I went to work and I saw my partner Chloe smiling at me, I smiled back at her and we both exchanged greetings..
    "Chloe was just like an older sister to me she's nice, jovial encouraging and the only friend I have and the only friend I will ever have, she always have my back and is there whenever I need her and I promised my self that any day she faced a problem I wouldnt hesitate to help her. She once helped me when I was almost fired by our boss Mr kehinde also known as Mr Kim i have tell my parents about Chloe alot but they didn't seem to like her but pretended they like her the reason they didn't like her because she is not an igbo girl she's from ogun and am from imo and I have told them a lot times that where you come from doesn't matter it's the trust you gain from the friendship..

    As I usually call Chloe "Amebö" which she gradually accepted her gossiping started again that morning.
    "babe did you sleep well " She asked
    While I shrugged and say "hmm I did "
    Chloe sat properly and coughed and I knew it was time for another breaking news
    "em...em... Angie" she called grabbing my attention, I turned to her and she started " our boss shebi you know he has a son, the boy is coming back from the states [u.s.a] today ooh" I turned to her surprisingly and said "let him come it's not my business let him just come back safely "
    Chloe eyed me and said "he's handsome too oh"
    i Know where Chloe was heading to but I pretended
    "ugly oh handsome oh I don't care get it I don't care " I said loudly making Chloe understand my statement and it made her angry
    "you are dumber than I thought ooo " she said stunning me with her words "Mistura what do you mean that" I S AI d calling her by her native name "look at you tall, slim,beautiful fair and every man's dream and you are here doing like mumu if I were you I would have find a way to enter his heart " Chloe said, even though Chloe can be wise all that she can be weird sometimes when it comes to guys..
    "am not like that OK" I wailed at her
    We both kept Quiet and continued our work then she muttered to me "if you see him eh that your mouth will close"

    Later in the day I started feeling hungry and I begged Chloe to watch or for me so I could run and get something to eat which she didn't hesitate to do... Because am scared of loosing my job and Mr Kim is a very strict man

     .. I got to a convenient store opposite ours and a bought a bottle of "fanta" and two Gala S
    I hungrily opened the fanta and started drinking I couldn't W AI t to get inside bcoz I was madly hungry
    As I was about to open the door to get in our own store I didn't know someone was coming out either it was a guy carrying delivery boxes before I could mutter the word WAIT he already bumped into me and my drink spilled on my white shirt and my snack fell down
    The guy noticed he hit someone and he dropped the box and I could see his face more clearly he was very "beautiful" he looked like an half cast.. I wanted to be lost in his beauty but didn't want to keep my self so low...
    "are you blind " I yelled at him
    "please am so sorry "he said in a sweet and calm voice
    "you just be crazy telling me sorry sorry for your self can sorry Clean my stained shirt" I muttered out loud
    "please am sorry" he said again I got angry and was about walking out when he pulled me back with his manly strength "please what can I do to make it up to you" he said pleading it made me more angrier and I slapped him

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