Story: Twins Love Episode 2

    Story: Twins Love Episode 2

    Twins Love Episode 2 by Ruthie Lee

    As I slapped him it Was as if he didn't feel it at all he just moved back a little, forced out a smile and say "am sorry I deserved that anyway" he said carried his boxes and Walked away sadly..
    .. I picked up my Gala and walked into our office, seeing me Chloe was stunned because my clothes were stained "Angie what happened" she said in a confused tone
    I shrugged and replied "it was one good for nothing idiot who was careless and he bumped into me and I ended up spilling my drink on my cloth white cloth for that matter " I said fe3ling like killing the boy

     "ooh ooh I wish I was there I could have disgrace him, eyah sorry eh" Chloe said trying wipe the stain away from my clothes
    "my sister there is no need for that wetin don happen don happen " I said and Chloe smiled appreciating my pigin English
    "Eyah so now you will now eat only Gala " Chloe said sympathetically
    "yes na what else can I do the thing is really burning me up I even slapped him" I said opening the snack "assuming I was there I could have added my own slap" Chloe said and we both laughed.

     That day we closed from work and I took a shower prepared a dish of melon soup and semovita and I ate too my satisfaction..
    After watching TV I arranged my bed knelt before God prayed before falling asleep

     The next morning I did my morning routine and went to work I got to our office and met Chloe "Mrs beauty good morning " she greeted while I smiled " don't whine me o" I said jokingly b4 replying her greetings
    Just then a girl about let me say 19 to 20 walked and said " good morning MA ' ms Mr Kim wants to see everyone in the big gym upstairs " she said and walked away to the other secretaries telling them the same thing
    Me and Chloe looked at each other and she said "what does he want now " .. "we won't know until we get there I said and we both went there, getting there we met other staffs and everyone waited for Mr Kim....

     Just then mr Kim walked in with some one behind him.. And he started
    "good day my fellow workers my every day joy and my every day strength I am getting old enough and if I want to retire"

     When I heard the word retire my mind sweetened because finally strict Mr Kim is going but who is going to be the new president of the store I thought
    I was lost when Chloe tapped me and I came back to my senses..
    And I heard me Kim say "I now make my first son the new president of this department , he said while we all clapped the guy standing behind his father Mr Kim gradually walk in front of his father and I almost collapsed "jesuschrist" I muttered softly "what is it " Chloe asked "he is the good for nothing guy i slapped yesterday"
    Chloe drew back in misbelief "tel me you are joking " she said while I shook my head negatively
    "he will be officially called Mr "T" known as Mr Tobi
    I heard me Kim said, my days are over ...

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