Story: Twins Love Episode 19 and 20

    Twins Love Episode 19 and 20

    Twins Love Episode 19 By Ruthie Lee

    The next morning I woke up, I freshened up and I decided to eat tea and break fast... I filled my electric kettle with water and plugged it in the socket waiting for it to get hot, when I received a text message on my phone, I unlocked it and went through the message and I found an unknown number 
    Saying "get ready to pack your bags because we are leaving soon okay *from S.A*

    I smiled seeing it's from tony why am I smiling I thought and i dropped the smile, i began to think about it all.. Just then I heard a knock at my door, I ran to the door unbolting it, I opened it and was surprised to see Mr rajah standing with a pen and a Biro with his big enormous belly ..

    "good morning sir " I greeted nervously 
    "hmm miss Raymond Angie good morning to you too but I think you know why am here"...
    " sir" I said nervously 
    "so are you going to make it the hard way or the easier way"..
    He said scratching his beard
    "Mr Rajah sir it's just morning and besides I haven't gone to the bank and when I do I will immediately come knocking on your door " I lied
    "good thank goodness you understood or else if you don't want me to pack your things outside the street " he said

    "I know sir" I said and he left...
    I slammed my door and whispered to my self "Nigeria landlord "
    I went to my room and started arranging my stuffs..

    I was half way when I heard like a squeaking sound and I ran to the kitchen just to see my water bringing out steams I switch off the socket and unplugged it 
    I made my tea in the kitchen and drank it there with a bread 🍞
    After eating I went to continue parking my stuff and my clothes contained a big travelling suitcase.. 
    I sat down beside it and started thinking about all this "God help me, I am going to live in the house of three men " 

    After pleading to god I rearranged my house and then a knock came in... It was Tony he walked in and greeted me.. He smiled seeing My suitcase 
    "seems like you're ready " he said 
    "yes i am " I said and he said

    "I have someone is coming to live here accepting all your property she is willing to pay fairly and she is coming to day if she pays to me I'll transfer everything to your account"
    When I heard all this joy danced in my heart tony is amazing 
    "thank you So much " I said and hugged him 
    He was gradually happy 

    He escorted me downstairs with my bag to his car, 
    Me rajah came out and they talked I didn't know what they talked about but I know it was great they shook hands and departed Tony came to me and smiled 
    "let's go "

    I entered his car and he drove me to "his family house "

    Twins Love Episode 20 By Ruthie Lee

    Few hours later we arrived in front of a huge mansion, painted with sky blue and decorated with marbles on the wall it was shinning I opened my mouth feeling amazed "wow " I muttered out loud
    "here we are my home Sweet home" Tony said smiling
    "it is amazing" I said
    "thanks" Tony replied
    he pressed his honk button and the gate man came opening the gate and I almost screamed 
    The compound was huge and decorated with flowers and Was the ground was cemented "it's so good to be rich" I thought and started feeling nervous and scared
    What if Mr t reacts if he sees me.. 
    What if Mr Kim doesn't likes me 
    I thought about this while we entered the compound
    Tony stopped the car and came down ..
    I came down too he opened the boot and brought out my huge bag and he carried it in... 
    I stood outside feeling scared to go inside I bit my lips resting on the car... 
    "are you okay, come in" he said and smile while I hurriedly followed him in ...
    "god save me " I said in my mind feeling my heart beat

    Getting to the parlour it was extremely, extraordinary big gigantic and enormous 
    With six leopard skin couch and a huge plasma TV, then a glass table at the center of the chairs 
    And ground tiles and above the television was a picture of Mr Kim and let say his wife, she was pregnant in the picture she looked beautiful 
    "is that your mom" I managed to ask
    "yeah" Tony said smiling 
    "she's beautful" I said while Tony smiled and carried my bag up and I followed him upstairs the house was elegant and was filled with design passing through the second floor corridor, there I saw a picture of both tony and Mr t,, they both look handsome it was when they were young "you guys are cute " I said while Tony looked at the picture and smiled 
    Finally we got a room where the door was locked and I saw writings on the door 
    It says "Tn guests"
    "manage this for the main time, Tony said and opened the door
    "manage" I yelled
    "this is more than manage " I said and hugged him
    He took my bag inside.. Just then my phone started to ring, I looked at it.. "unknown number " 
    I decided to pick it but my stupid android shut down 
    "battery dead " I muttered and hissed 
    "what's wrong ľ Tony asked and I replied "nothing"
    He dropped my bag and say "am going to make lunch now so take your time, you can also freshen up" Tony said and smiled 
    "are you the only one at home" I asked
    "yes" he replied 
    "dad'S at work Toby's at work and am the only jobless guy at home" he continued 
    "don't say that and besides what do you need to work for when you have enough" I said
    "you won't understand " he said and walked out..
    I looked around the room every where was beautiful and neat with a red rug the room had it own personal bathroom/toilet 
    I took my bath and changed my clothes and later head downstairs to join Tony... 

    ###fast forward###
    Later that evening me and Tony were watching an American sitcom movie when we heard a car horn 
    "dads back" Tony said
    And I became scared.... 
    The door flung opened and Mr Kim walked in and Tony greeted 
    "good day sir" 

    "hmm good day" Mr Kim replied 
    "good day sir" I greeted shyly and he turned to me 
    He was about to speak when Tony said "she's my guest she's staying here for the main time, just helping nothing else" 
    Mr Kim nod his head and moved closer to me "miss Angie Raymond my worst employee then, good to meet you again, am not strict but nice so don't be scared or shy live freely since you are my son's girlfriend" he said and pat my shoulder 
    "um dad she's not my girlfriend " tony said
    "don't correct me boy " Mr Kim back fired 
    "okay sir " I said and he walked away upstairs to his room
    Me and Tony looked at each other and smiled 
    I felt at ease but the idea of being Tony 's girlfriend sucks... 
    Later that evening like 7:55pm Mr Kim ordered Tony to cook dinner and Tony happily did which I helped him while tony set the table I was in the kitchen putting the food happily feeling welcomed when I heard voices in the parlour..

    As I carried the food to the dinning room, Mr t entered "what are we having for din..... 
    He stopped as he saw me
    "angie" he called surprisingly 
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