Twins Love Episode 30 By Ruthie Lee

     Twins Love Episode 30 By Ruthie Lee

     Twins Love Episode 30 By Ruthie Lee

    what! " mr Kim yelled..
    "am sorry please can i speak to you privately" the doctor said and Toby nodded his head and followed him outside..
    "what's going on" I thought with my head full with different things..
    "what'S all this" Mr Kim asked looking at him with his deadly and serious eyes..
    "i...i do...n..nt" i said stammering and my eyes watering with tears..
    *but am still A virgin!!
    *how did all this happen?
    *when did all this happen?
    I was brought back to reality by Mr T entering the room again.. And everyone's gaze went to him..
    "son what's the meaning of this" Mr Kim yelled..
    "sir please this is a hospital keep your voice down" doctor akemu said
    "yes dad please keep your voice down let's take this home okay " Tobi said, sounding as if everything is alright when am madly confused as so as everyone else..
    **fast forward***
    Few minutes later....
    Everyone was seated in the parlour looking at Me and Toby who stood behind me..
    "look dad let me explain this but let's take it upstairs to your room " Toby said and Mr Kim angrily nod his head and starred to walk upstairs and Toby behind him..

    "Angie how.. When did all this happen " Tony said with arched eyebrow 

    "I dunno too " I said as tears circled in my eyes..
    "how can you not know eh!!" Lauren yelled and hissed
    "am calling dad" she said again and walked away angrily...
    I looked at Tony and his eyes were FIlled with different types of emotions I couldn't tell.. "maybe he's just surprised " I thought

    "are you sure you're pregnant or is doctor akemu lying because how can you be pregnant and don't know " Tony asked..
    "I don't understand any of this Tony please believe me " I said crying
    "but are you like witnessing the symptoms of pregnancy" he asked ..
    "what symptoms " I said sniffing like a kid
    "goodness.. You're a lady and u know nothing of pregnancies symptoms.. Like the ones I Know Is , you'll feel hungry every minute,your stomach becomes heavier, including your brea*t and you vomit also, have u experience any of this symptoms in the past few days " ..immediately Tony said all that, I advert my gaze from him and nod my head positively, and I also realised that am truly pregnant
    Tony sighed deeply and said "this is so.. Confusing but I bet toby knows something.. Let's just wait for him.."

    I cleaned my tears immediately I saw Lauren walked up to us..
    "I just called dad and he needs to talk your dad.. " Lauren said disgustingly
    "what did you tell him? " Tony said rising to his feet..
    "duh! simple I just told him my future husband just pregnated a girl" Lauren snapped
    "you what!" Tony yelled..
    "just drop your act Tony I need to see ur dad, dad needs to talk to him and FYI my dad clearly said to me"get married to the one with the dimples" Lauren said and walked away to Mr Kim's room..


    Me and Tony kept glancing at each other, waiting for Toby to walk out of that door and come running to us..
    Few minutes later our wish came true
    "Angie can we talk privately.. Like in your room about the um.. " Toby said and moved his gaze at my stomach..
    I shook my head positively and followed him upstairs to my room.. Cause I seriously need an answer to this.. Riddle..
    ...few seconds later we were both steated at my bed staring at each other
    "okay go on" I said bluntly
    "about your pregna..sorry about.. The.. Um.. Let's just say we had sex that night at the get together party "
    "what! , how do you mean.. Explain better to me" I said giving him a pleadful look
    "fine it all started when I found you drunk at the corridor... 

    I took you inside my room, I wanted to keep you out of sight because i know how you act when you get drunk.. Inside my room you started acting crazy.. Telling me how cute I was.. And nice it would have been if I had a dimple like Tony, I just ignored your words because I Knew you were drunk.. But I was surprised because you acted beyond drunk, " Toby said and paused
    "well continue.. carry on " I persuaded
    "OK OK.. I later found three bottles of acoholic wine at the corner of my room, and you begged me to drink,I refused but u started with your craziness and I drank a bottle, after that I got high and finished the remaining 2 by sharing it with you, after that we both got real high, and later you told me how hot you are, and I insisted u should take off your clothes which you abundantly did and bbamm!! That how it happened, we both did it.. "
    When Toby said all this i couldn't believe my self.. I couldn't believe I could be like that..
    "what am i going to tell my parents " I thought and bit my bottom lip
    "look am sorry okay.. It's kind of strange for me to remember all this after getting drunk and you, didn't recall anything at all" Toby said
    "you're saying sorry as if it's your fault, I mean it's my fault too " I said bluntly
    "I know " Toby said dryly
    "so what should we do now we can't abort the baby " I said and immediately Toby rose up to his feet..
    "abort!! Over my dead body, that thing came out of me with the help of God and am not giving up on it like that, it's my responsibility to take care of it okay don't even mention the word abort',am going to take care of that child whether the devil likes it or not" Toby said making me proud...
    "but what about your dad isn't he mad bcoz u were going to marry Lauren, * I asked
    "I love my old man, he understands me, am not getting married to Lauren anymore, tony is.. My child comes first " toby says proudly..
    I smiled but I wasn't happy "me pregnant " I still couldn't believe..
    That same day, I was heading to the kitchen when I heard a strange and sniffing sound..
    I walked in and was surprised to see tony crying silently..
    "OMG Tony what happened " I asked getting close to him and immediately he pulled me closer and kissed me.. 

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