Twins Love Episode 31 By Ruthie Lee

    Twins Love Episode 31 By Ruthie Lee 

    Twins Love Episode 31 By Ruthie Lee

    I pushed tony immediately, releasing my self from the kiss
    "what's wrong with you why did you do that " I yelled ..
    But instead he didn't say anything then his lips flashed a smile and he said "and I'll do it again"
    "Tony!! How can you say something like that " I yelled
    But instead he kept quiet, I sighed and muttrred out loud "gosh you're unbelievable " 

    "i...its because I love you Angie I do alot and I mean it hurts so bad that you're carrying my brother's child "
    I wasn't surprised by his words because I've kind of noticed he has feelings for me, deep feelings..
    i didn't say anything instead I stared at him
    "why aren't you saying anything " he yelled and I immediately yelled back
    "what do you want me to do or say ..what! Tony.. What.. You love me.. What do you want me to do about it?.. Love you back?..i can't because I don't... I am carrying your brother's child like you said which is actually true..and it was because of you all this happened if you haven't offered me that drink and worse put something in it.. Tony so please stop.. Just stop your because everything is.. *sniff* actually kind of your fault.. " I said all this and tears rapidly dropped from my eyes..
    "am sorry" he said lowly..
    "you're sorry.. I get it.. But it can't take me pregnant away... so Just stay away from me from now it's for the best okay.. You just make me sick sometimes " I said angrily and walked out cleaning my eyes..
    I dashed up to my room, cried on my bed, and later went into a deep slumber ...

    I woke up 11:59pm feeling a bit tired and hungry I made my way down the stairs carefully, everyone was asleep..
    I took a bread from the fridge added with a butter.. I sat down on the kitchen counter and started to eat, I started to think about my life.. Think what am going to do after all this pregnancy and stuff, thinking if I should tell anyone else apart from the Kim's family and the Collins family
    "but should I tell my parents,? How would dad react? Would mom be happy, sad or ashamed?.. Thinking about all this made me felt a little bit nauseous ..
    Immediately I felt a shadow by the door, my heart skipped "who could be awake by this time? " I thought, scared to look..
    "what are you doing here " I heard Toby's voice from the door... ...
    "Toby " I called smiling and feeling a bit relieved that he'S the one actually.. 

    **the father of my baby.. ***
    "I.. I was hungry so I came downstairs to eat am sorry if I caused you any trouble " I said bluntly
    He smiled and replied " you Don't have to apologize it's okay you didn't cause Me any trouble can eat all you want tho you know since you're.." his gaze immediately went to my flat tummy..
    I followed his gaze and his eyes glued to mine ...
    The cool wind blew our contacted eyes and immediately I removed my gaze from his, not wanting to fall in his beautiful eyes or I'll end up kissing him.....
    "but you woke us up all were all light sleepers except for lauren,I heard you coming down from the stairs including dad.. He was the one who said I should check up on you.. " Toby said breaking the silence..
    "oh so he really do cares.. " I said smiling
    "he do cares I mean it's he's grand child anyway, my dads in support of this.. Since I accepted it.. It's okay with him, he's just happy because tony agreed this night that he's marrying Lauren so there's nothing to be worried about or be afraid of" toby said while I nodded and smile..
    "are you done eating " he asked
    "yeah" I said..
    He moved closer to the fridge, opened it and took a bottle of water, filled the water in a glass cup and handed it to me, I looked at him strangely and collected it
    "thank you " I said shyly..
    After drinkinh the water he collected the cup from me and handed it over to the fridge.. 

    " I'll take my leave now" i 'said as I carefully come down from the counter..
    Tony immediately hold my hand and I gave him a look and he flashed me a smile "what's wrong with him"i asked my self..
    We both walked out of the kitchen together with him holding my hand..
    While climbing the stairs he held my hands tight,, so avoid falling or so...
    "okay Mr T.. I mean Toby " when I said Mr T he gave me a look that says dont-call-me-th


    "look Tobi why the over protection " I asked..
    he stopped at the center of the stairs and take a good look at me,
    "simple explanation Angie.. You're pregnant" he said dryly
    "am just a week pregnant that's all can't you see my tummy's still very flat, " I said rubbing it..
    "point of correction angie you're a week and two days pregnant nor only a week, get it right " he said and playfully kissed my cheek..
    My mouth dropped open.. I gave him a look and be smiled and say "what are you going to scold me for that..that was the baby actually " ..
    "you re sick," I said laughing hard...
    He took me to my room finally.. "okay now just rest" he said smiling, I lied down gently on the bed and covered my self quickly with my blanket.. I really didn't want him to leave.. I want to hear his sweet seductive and manly voice before going into my dream estate, i want to dream about him..

    "toby" I called and sat up, he turned and said "yes " .. I didn't know how to break it down and tell him I want him to stay....
    "t.. t.. oby ..n.. You stay with me" I said feeling my heart beat go..
    "you want me to read you a bed time story " GE teased and laughed..
    "if you don't want to stay you can go" I said getting angry at him..
    "why am i getting angry" I thought..
    "why are you getin angry all of a sudden huh" Toby said..
    "I don't know but get out..! " I half yelled..
    He gave me one if those smile, those smile that can make a girl like me go ga-ga.. 

    "hey.. Hey.. Look here Angie, I Know why you're getting angry.. It's your hormones.. It happens to pregnant woman.. Few minutes youre happy another minute you're in tears or youre mad..for no reason.. So I assure you miss it's okay.. " he said and approached me, he sat beside me on the bed, and cuddle me in his arms, making my head to be on his chest.. His manly amazing chest..
    We stayed like that for some minutes, I could tell I was feeling something new in my body..
    I fell asleep in his arms that night.. i think am in love with this guy...

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