Twins Love Episode 32 By Ruthie Lee

    Twins Love Episode 32 By Ruthie Lee

    Twins Love Episode 32 By Ruthie Lee


    The next morning, which Was Monday morning, I woke up feeling a bit weak but, I was alright.. I found out that I slept alone, because I could remember how Tobi cuddled me up in his arm last night..
    I smiled to my self and got down from my bed..
    After taking a bath and brushing my teeth, I head downstairs, I met Mr Kim by the stairs and greeted him..
    "good morning sir"
    "good morning Angie, h.. ow are you .." he said referring to me and my baby..
    "am fine sir, " I replied feeling kind of happy he cared..
    "okay good " he said and walked downstairs holding his suitcase tight..
    As I emerged the living room, I saw a pink travelling suitcase beside the couch, and then Lauren coming out from the kitchen, she was putting on an armless of shoulder gown, which was multicolored and it was above her knee, she finished it with a designer boot..
    "where is she going to" I thought..
    "seems like you're ready" Mr Kim said to lauren
    "oh yes I am sir" Lauren replied..
    "good" he said and Lauren grabbed her suitcase and followed me Kim Out..
    I saw tony I had to urge to call him and greet him as usual, but I was the one who crossed a line between us.. There's no need of talking to him..

    Few minutes later, after found my self crunching on an apple..
    Toby came down looking as fine as he can be, he greeted his brother he didn't answer him, toby ignored him, and walked up to me, I guess we have one thing in common now "ignoring " ..

    Good morning Angie " toby said smiling
    "good morning too" I said lowly, and adverted my gaze from his to Tony who was acting weird, he groaned angrily and stormed upstairs , stomping his feet grumpily on the floor..
    After he disappeared to his room, my gaze went back to Toby who was still staring at me with his midnight eyes.. And he was smiling seriously .
    "what" I asked feeling kind of nervous for the way he was looking at me..
    "what..?" he asked back dropping his smiles..
    "why were you looking at me that way.. " I asked
    "was I? " he asked making feel awkward..
    "you were " I said dryly
    "well am sorry" he said and sighed
    "have you eaten" he asked.. "no" I replied "why" he uttered.. "I will soon enough, are you going to work now" I asked changing the subject  "well of course " he replied bluntly.

    I stood up immediately and say "okay I'll get dressed immediately and we'll both go together" I said and made my way to leave when he caught my arm, he gave me one of those look.. [charming look] and say "am sorry ma'am but you are not going anywhere"
    "what.. Why" I said frowning
    "simple.. because you're__
    "because I am pregnant.. " I interrupted feeling angry..
    "yes" he replied
    "would you please just quit that,you're talking as if it's a big deal.. I mean it is but it's only a week and two days " I said
    "you dont know what this means to me don't you, so please just sit back and relax.. Okay " he uttered.
    Hormones ,started again, I got angry at his kind gestures and yelled at him
    "you can't boss me around, okay.. Am just pregnant for you, am not your wife, neither are we dating, and here you are telling me what to do.. If you become my husband for instance ,is this how you're going to be bossing me around.. No way.. Over my dead body."
    Tony wanted to say something, but it seems like words failed to escape from his lips.. There were sadness in his eyes and voice .. as he said lowly "good day, I'll see you after work".
    He walked up to the door, gave me his last look, before going out, I walked to my room and laid on my bed, regretting why I shouted at him. 

    "oh goodness Angie you're so stupid he was being kind to you and you are being angry at him" I said referring to my self, I can't believe it's remaining me and Tony at home, I thought and wondered where Lauren went to...
    I later head downstairs, after making breakfast for my self, I ate with satisfaction and went to a deep slumber..
    I can't believe that I can eat and sleep this much when my pregnancy hasn't gone anywhere..

    Time : [2:59]
    I woke up feeling fine, I yawned lowly making me a little bit sleepy again.. My gaze immediately went to my phone which was lying on the floor, the screen, have broken.. How did it fall" I asked my self, picking it up i unlocked it and saw 9 missed calls, 4 from Chloe 2 from mom and 3 from toby ..
    Just as I was about to call mom back she called me, and immediately I trembled with fear as I answered it
    Me: mummy good afternoon
    Mom: my princess how are you doing..
    Me: am fine, thank you
    Mom: my dear, have not been hearing from you for a while did anything happen Just that, I.. I've been busy with work..
    I lied feeling my heart beat .
    Mom: okay... If anything is wrong or bothering you, tell me okay,
    Me: okay thanks mum.. Good day..
    Mom: okay good day take care I just Wanted to hear your voice..
    Me:okay bye.. 

    I said and hunged up, tears circled my eyes, I wasn't sure if it was pregnant hormones or my real emotions, but I felt guilty due to the fact that I lied to my mother.. 

    Just as I was about calling Tobi to know why he called me,
    Tony pushed my door open and walked in with anger.
    My heart almost jumped out of my chest. 

    "Tony what's wrong" I said immediately as he barged into my room, and with nervousness on my voice..
    "Angie.. I.. I"
    "you what" I asked standing up and spacing out..
    he sighed, loudly I searched his eyes and saw he was confused..
    "nothing okay.. But can we atleast talk am so tired with the silent treatment," he said giving me one of his sympathetic look..
    "o..kay.. " I agreed having pity on him, he forced out a smile, looked at my stomach before walking out.. 

    I sighed loudly and laid on my bed..i tried Toby's number but it was switched off.. So I dropped my phone, I went downstairs and I met Tony watching videos in his phone, I passed him and made my way to the refrigerator, I took an orange and started to lick, everywhere was quiet and boring..
    I head up back to my room after i was done with the orange, I took my phone but immediately I heard a soft knock at my door
    It's was tony who else would knock when it's only the both of us at home..
    "tony is that u" I yelled, asked knowing too well it was Tony, I asked but no body replied, i heard the knock again..
    "tony" I called getting down from my bed slowly to the door, the knock came again and I became scared, I could hear my heart beat.
    "Tony it's that you " I asked again swallowing hard..
    I got close to the door, and peeped through the door hole but no one was there, immediately I felt cold shivers down my spine, what's the meaning of all this " I thought
    I immediately opened the door with force but no one was there,
    Then immediately out of nowhere I heard A growl, in front of me I closed my eyes and screamed but was thrilled to hear a soft chuckle coming out from the growl..
    I opened my eyes slowly and saw tony standing in front of me, looking handsome as his dimple made a hole..
    "o my god I can't believe you'd get this scared angie" Tony said
    "it was you.. Tony! You scared me to death" I yelled.. Wanting to smile..
    "am sorry if I scared you, I just wanted to laugh a little "
    "by scaring me right? "I said sternly
    "hmm seems like " he said sarcastically..

    "okay you got me, now bye.. " I said about to close the door but he stopped me, by putting his hands on the door preventing me to close it..
    "what now" I asked tiredly
    "Wont u invite me in or what " he said and wink
    "to do what " I asked feeling my heart beating "but why" I thought..
    I sighed heavily and opened the door more wider for him to come in and he did ..
    He sat at the end and edge of my bed while I sat at the center..
    "okay what now" I asked sarcastically
    "nothing let's just stare at each other, like a staring competition
    "you're crazy Oh" I said playfully and threw a pillow at him laughing..
    He dodged it and said "missed me"
    I threw another one at him and he missed it again and repeated the same thing,the last pillow I tore at him, got him and we both fell out laughing towards our silly behaviours..
    *i wished Toby was like this, playful, not_too_serious
    ,less busy about work..
    Suddenly we heard grumbling.. "yikes" Tony said
    "what? " I asked
    "it's going to rain today, this evening I guess " he said and smiled
    "oh.. Rain.. " I said slowly and looked out my window, only to see the clouds changing..
    We talked about a few things before, he finally left and I could say, I really enjoyed his company..

    Few hours later the heavy rain started, I felt cold and alone on my bed, curled up and snuggled up in my blanket,..
    Tony walked in my room, his face looks tired as if he wanted to sleep,
    "Toby's on his way home but dad isn't coming home 2day the rain's to much, there might be accident..
    He said and left, immediately my heart raced, what if Toby had an accident, " I tot .. I removed the thought from my mind and eventually became worried..

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