Must Read: 10 Days With Bella... Episode 19

    Must Read: 10 Days With Bella... Episode 19

    **(SEMI FINAL)**
    Chapter 19
    _________________( I Love You)
    Bella couldn’t help but kiss him back, how she
    missed him so much, they both kissed each
    other passionately and Knight wasted no time in
    placing her on the wall, with her legs wrapped
    around his torso , Knight kissed her deeply and
    she moaned, she missed this,his lips hands
    everything, and she has forgotten the reason why
    she came.
    Knight too was already hard, seeing Bella again
    brought his sexual Desires and he couldn’t help
    but think the lady is a temptress, he reached for
    the hem of her blue gown and pulled it exposing
    her shoulder, the material cracked and he knew
    it will tear , still kissing her lips he reached for
    the zip instead and at once zipped it off, Bella
    clung to him tightly.
    Knight kissed Below her neck down to her chest
    and took her nipple into his mouth, Bella bit her
    lower lip and her hand was lost in his hair as
    Knight did the same to the other ,still holding her
    against the wall, he unbuckled his belt with one
    hand , and Bella try to pull his shirt to have
    access to caress his hard muscling chest which
    turns her on.
    Knight kissed her lips deeply and stare into her
    ” I miss you so much Bella ” he whispered.
    She touched his cheek .
    ” I miss you too” she whispered.
    Knight smiled and entered her,Bella’s eyes rolled
    back and forth, it seems his now bigger than
    before, Knight saw her face and smiled .
    ” You are so tight, Ella ” he whispered.
    ” And your bigger ” she said and he chuckled.
    He started moving in and out of her, and Bella
    clung to him , he was gentle at first but began
    thrusting harder into her, Bella gasped holding
    him so she won’t fall, but of course she won’t
    fall Knight was too big and hard a strong arm
    which could turn any woman on, when Knight
    held her tight , their moans filled the whole paint
    room, Bella kissed Knight hard on the lips as he
    continued his hard thrust .
    When he exploded in her, they were both
    breathing so hard, he kissed her long and hard
    before dropping her on her feet ,she was about
    to fall and he caught her .
    ” Was I hard? He asked she just smiled and
    whispered no.
    Knight did his trouser back and she adjusted her
    gown, but it was torn a bit because of the force
    he was using.
    Knight helped her to do her zipper , and she
    whispered thank you , suddenly her mood
    She came to tell him something very Important,
    and she had ended up in his arms again, what
    will happen if she tells him, what will he do ? She
    suddenly became scared, was it another mistake
    to let him sleep with her, should she had stopped
    He had said he missed her, but was he telling
    the truth , was he referring to her body? Was it
    the sex he missed because he could say ” you”
    and all part of her body is ” her” she couldn’t
    help the tears that whirl down her cheek, but she
    quickly wiped it not wanting him to notice.
    Knight saw how she suddenly became quite and
    he didn’t like it so he touched her arm .
    ” Ella , are you ok? He asked in a concerned
    ” I need to tell you something” Bella said .
    Knight was suddenly scared, did she come to tell
    him she’s going away for ever, is she leaving the
    country?he stare at her .
    ” Forget it because i won’t accept it” he said .
    And that Moment Bella’s heart broke into million
    pieces, that means he knows she’s pregnant ? He
    doesn’t want the baby , she try not to break
    down and cry .
    ” So you knew ? She whispered.
    ” I figured it out, and forget it because i won’t
    accept it” Knight replied and her heart broke into
    more and more pieces.
    She has to get out of here, she can’t stand his
    sight anymore, she suddenly felt she might faint ,
    her legs couldn’t hold her anymore .
    ” I shouldn’t have come here” she whispered and
    ran out of the painting room, Knight quickly ran
    after her, before she could reach the living room
    door he grabbed her wrist.
    “What’s up with you Bella? He asked
    ” Let go of me you bastard, your so wicked , I
    should had Known coming here was a mistake, I
    thought you will be willing to accept it but all you
    want is sex and I foolishly gave it to you , infact
    am very stupid to think anything will work
    between us ” Bella yelled in tears .
    Knight now was confused.
    ” Ella , I dont only want sex from you , but you
    don’t expect me to let you go away , I can’t let
    you do that , you mean so much to me and I
    don’t want to loss you ” he said .
    ” What is the essence of still wanting me when
    you don’t even want your own blood ? She yelled
    Knight was confused.
    ” What blood are you talking about Bella ? He
    asked .
    ” The one you said you don’t want, if you don’t
    want the baby then you don’t need me either just
    let me go and I won’t bother you anymore ” she
    yelled .
    Knight moved a bit back, did she just say baby?
    Like a real baby or …what ?? He stare at her
    shocked, is she???
    He grabbed her shoulder
    ” What baby is that? He asked and now Bella too
    was confused.
    ” Bella Answer me, what baby are you talking
    about? Knight asked trying to control his temper,
    because if it’s someone else baby, he will murder
    the fucker who dare touched his Bella.
    ” Your baby you idiot , am pregnant, two weeks
    pregnant ” she yelled .
    Knight let go off her and stare at her with wide
    ” Your pregnant?he asked as if not believing but
    was surprised.
    ” Yes” she said .
    ” It’s mine right ? He couldn’t help the joy that
    was building in his heart already , just to hear it’s
    ” Of course it’s yours, your the only one I’ve
    been Sleeping with ” she answered.
    Knight smiled .
    ” Your pregnant, your carrying my baby ? Your
    really pregnant? He said happily Bella couldn’t
    help but smile she whispered yes .
    Knight carried her and turn her round Bella
    laughed as he dropped her and kissed her long
    and hard .
    ” Your carrying my baby ” he said touching her
    stomach, she nodded, she was so surprised at
    Knights behavior, she thought he knew that’s
    why he said he won’t accept, but what was he
    saying then ?
    ” Am going to be a father …yes …yes ” he
    laughed and hugged her again .
    ” Thank you so much Ella , I love you , thank you
    ” Knight said and Bella became still like a statue,
    her smile faded as she stare at Knight disbelief,
    did she hear well, or she has started hearing
    ” Knight” she called .
    ” Yes love ” he pulled her to him.
    ” You umm….you just said ….
    ” I love you ” he completed, Bella nodded looking
    into his eyes .
    Knight cupped her face in his hand and stare
    into her eyes deeply.
    ” Bella am sorry I didn’t come to tell you this on
    time, but your the first girl I was so much
    attracted to, I was trying to deny my feelings for
    you but I was deceiving myself, Bella i really love
    you and I was coming to get you back, but then
    fate had to get you pregnant for me so we could
    start from where we left off, ” he said and tears
    slide down her eyes , he wipped it with his
    ” Don’t cry Ella because I will never let you go
    again, I love you and only you ” he said Bella
    hugged him .
    ” Oh Knight, am so happy that you feel the same
    for me , I really love you too, I love you so much
    that it hurts me when I was leaving, I couldn’t
    stand being away from you , i love you so much
    ” she cried on his chest and he lift her face up
    and gave her a hard kiss .
    ” Be my girlfriend Ella , will you? He asked she
    smiled .
    ” I will ” she replied and Knight kissed her again
    “Thank you ” he whispered , they smiled at each
    other .
    He will date her for a while then ask her the big
    question, he smiled at his thought.
    ” Come over here, have you eaten anything? He
    asked, Bella wrapped her hand around him and
    shook her head .
    ” Do you have a doctor’s appointment? He aksed
    as they both walked into the kitchen.
    ” Yes ” she whispered.
    Knight smiled at her as he gave her a stool to
    seat on.
    ” You look thin Ella , have you really been eating?
    He asked and Bella ignore, the truth was she
    hasn’t been eating well, crying all day because of
    him, and even when she found out she was
    ” Baby ” Knight squat Infront of her and held her
    hand in his, looking up into her eyes .
    ” you thought i wasn’t going to accept the baby
    right ? He asked and she nodded .
    ” Why did you think like that ? He asked touching
    her long hair.
    ” I was scared because it was only a 10 days
    contract affair, with no feelings attached, I
    thought you won’t accept it ” she said .
    ” Ella , why won’t I accept it when I kept banging
    you all the time ” he asked and Bella blushed.
    ” Stop saying such words Knight, it’s disgusting ”
    she said he chuckled.
    ” Well it’s the fact Bella , and we both know it
    and we kept doing the disgusting thing all the
    time ” he said .
    ” I only let you because it was my job , and why
    did you ask me if it was yours if you actually
    know it’s yours ” she asked glaring at him.
    ” Oh common Bella, you told me you were on
    pills, but then you got pregnant, so I was
    confused” he said .
    ” Your such an asshole Knight, it was only on the
    first day I took pills , and since then you have sex
    with me without warning, have you forgotten how
    you sexed me on the dinning table, then your
    parents party and even in your painting room ,
    infact everywhere, so how am I not supposed to
    get pregnant when you didn’t even like using
    Knight closed her mouth and chuckled.
    ” Gosh woman you talk to much , am sorry okay ,
    I should have thought of that , but am still happy
    you got pregnant” he said and Bella glared at
    ” Common baby don’t be mad at me, am sorry ”
    Knight said kissing her which she responded
    quickly too .
    ” Am I forgiven? He smirked Bella grinned and
    shook her head saying no .
    ” But You kissed me back ” Knight said like a
    child and Bella Chuckled.
    ” Knight, what were you saying you won’t accept
    when I told you I wanted to tell you something?
    She asked .
    ” Well, I thought you wanted to tell me your
    going out of this country, I wasn’t going to let
    that happen” he said in a serious tone and Bella
    ” Oh your scared to loss me aint you ” she
    ” Well I was planning to break any man’s neck I
    see with you though” he said and Bella Chuckled.
    “Jealous” she teased
    “Much ” Knight completed.
    Bella touched his face and smiled at him
    lovingly, they stare into each other’s eyes, her
    mind went back to her pictures in his painting
    room, so she decided to ask.
    “You made so many paintings of me” she said
    not asking and he smiled .
    “Correction, of us” he said she chuckled.
    “Yes, I saw it” she said and Knight took her hand
    in his .
    “Bella, you are the most important part of my
    memory that I want to keep alive, and those
    pictures I drew are the only thing that makes me
    feel better ” he said and she smiled , she blinked
    back her tears.
    “Am glad ” she said.
    “Am glad u do” he Replied And he try to kiss her
    but she moved away he frowned.
    ” Bella common, are you still mad at me ? He
    asked and she nodded
    Knight rubbed his temple frustrated.
    ” Just one kiss ” he begged she shook her head .
    ” Bella please” he pout like a child making her
    ” On one condition” she said .
    ” Anything baby I will do it ” he said .
    ” Make me a hot homemade lasagna , and a fried
    chicken curry, with the tomato sauce” Bella said
    and Knights eyes widen .
    How is he going to do that ??? he swallowed
    “Oh!…umm… Ok” he said slowly and got up to
    go pick Ingredients from the cupboard, Bella
    watched him with wide eyes .
    ” Oh my God, you will burn down the house ”
    She said and laughed at Knight who was looking
    at her with a dark eyes , she knew what his
    thinking when he looks at her like that .
    ” I think I have Something better I know how to
    do than burning the house” he said smirking as
    he walked towards Bella , she stood from the
    stool about to run but knight caught her and
    threw her over his shoulders.
    ” Put me down you asshole” Bella laughed as
    Knight took her to the bedroom and you know
    what happened next .

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