ntel unlimited free browsing cheat for 2019

Ntel 4G Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat for 2019

This is the latest Ntel 4G unlimited free browsing cheat. This should be my first free browsing post on Ntel 4G. If you already have an Ntel sim card, then it's time to browse and download unlimitedly.

Few days ago, i shared MTN free browsing cheat settings for 24Clan VPN Green Edition which works on any MTN sim cards. Here is another free browsing cheat on Ntel 4G network.

We all know how fast 4G LTE network is. We can attest to the fact that it's 2x faster than 3G network. With that being said, let me reveal the latest Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat.

This cheat is as a result of network downtime and technical issues. Ntel has the right to block this cheat at anytime. So enjoy this while it last.

Settings for Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2019

This cheat is working as at the time of this posting. I have used it to update my Windows PC and downloaded a file worth 2GB.What you need to enjoy this Ntel free browsing cheat is an already registered Ntel Sim card (either the Wawu sim or the normal sim) without any active data bundle

Just insert your Ntel sim into your phone or Mifi > Set APN as ntel.

That's all. Your free browsing has been activated. It can be used on any device at all, be it Android, iOS, Tablet and PC.You can see in the below screenshot that i don't have an active data bundle but yet, i can browse and download unlimitedly with the speed of 4G LTE.

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