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Towards the end of 2016 or early in January 2017 (do not blame me for not remembering when exactly. I have fever. Lol), Facebook rolled out a feature which enables users update their statuses with background colours. I do not know the name they gave to this new innovation but I call it Facebook Background Colour Status Update.With this feature, one can make friends and family members get easily attracted to whatever one posts. You know it’s easier to get people’s attention with colours than with plain text on the traditional white background.

That said, I will be showing you how you can also key into this new trend which is now making wave in the world of social media technology. Let’s go!First of all, you should ensure you have an updated version of the Facebook App (at least anyone released between January 2017 and now) on your Android device. It doesn’t work on PC and other mobile browsers for now.


Launch your Facebook App and tap on the area labeled ‘What’s on your mind’, the same way you’ve always done in the past.

You will see some colours below the status update box. Pick any of them, type your text and post it.

143 Update Facebook Status With Background Colours - Update Facebook Status With Background Colours

Please note that you can only make short posts on background colours. In a situation where your post is a bit longer, you will have to post the usual way.

If you still have any challenges using this feature, please do not hesitate to drop a comment below. Happy Facebooking!


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