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How Do I Get My Zesa Token On EcoCash And Use For Transactions » DataPlan Bundle

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How Do I Get My Zesa Token On EcoCash And Use For Transactions » Data Plan Bundle
How Do I Get My Zesa Token On EcoCash And Use For Transactions

ZESA simply mean the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, with a registered name that is ZESA Holdings (Private) Limited, which happens to be a state owned
company whose task is primarily to transmit, generate and distribute
electricity in Zimbabwe. The electric company have organized this by delegating

tasks to its subsidiaries, via the energy generating company, the Zimbabwe
Power Company (ZPC) and also the Zimbabwe Electricity
Transmission and Distribution Company
 (ZETDC). Their other

subsidiaries are the investment branch ZESA Enterprises (ZENT)
and also internet service provider PowerTel Communications (Private)

The company ZESA is
the only electricity generator and supplier for the public grid. Over many
years, the company has failed to produce enough energy to meet up with demands.
The ZESA Company produces an estimated 6.8 billion kWh as at 2016, while demand
was estimated at 7.118 billion kWh.

And What Is Ecocash?

The term EcoCash
happens to be an innovative mobile payment solution meant for Econet customers.
Its enables you to perform any financial transactions such as sending money to your
loved ones, buy prepaid airtime or data for yourself or other for Econet
subscribers and pay for goods and services, which all can be done using your
mobile phone.

Transactions You Can Perform With Ecocash

  • You can transfer (send) money across
    all networks
  • You can pay for goods and services
    locally and internationally
  • You can pay bills such as school fees,
    DSTV, Council utility bills (water, rates), etc.
  • You can withdraw money (Cash-Out)
  • You can purchase Econet prepaid airtime,
    data bundles, text or pay a direct connect account for yourself and any other
    Econet subscribers
  • You can make secure online payments
  • You can receive money from diaspora
  • You can also deposit money (Cash-In)
  • You can even save money
  • You can still access loans
  • You can link your EcoCash wallet to
    your bank account
  • You can manage your EcoCash account,
    change your PIN, check current balance or see your last five transactions

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How To Register On Ecocash

  • For those who are already an Econet
    customer, simply visit any EcoCash authorized agent near you to complete an
    application form.
  • But if you are not an Econet
    subscriber, then you will have to buy an Econet line and register at any
    authorized EcoCash agent.
  • Anytime you are registering, you will
    need to produce your original National ID, a driver’s license or an
    international passport as well as a copy. However, before you register, ensure
    you have an active Econet SIM card. The registration will take about 3 minutes
    and you should take your mobile phone.
  • For children that are 12 years and
    above with ID numbers already allocated to their birth certificates or who
    already have an international passport can register. During the registration,
    they must produce their original birth certificate or passport, then parents/guardians
    ID document and must be accompanied by their parent/guardian who also will put their
    signature on the registration form.
  • Also note that customers will
    have to register in person. No one is allowed to open an account on behalf of
    someone else.
  • Please know that unregistered users
    can receive transfers and perform cash out functions only.

How To Get Your ZESA Token Via Ecocash

Now you can purchase your ZESA
electricity tokens via EcoCash Directly, and to do this, just follow these 8

  1. Simply
    dial *151#
  2. Then
    chose the option 2 Make Payment
  3. Chose the option 5 Pay ZESA
  4. After which, chose option
    1 Buy
  5. Input
  6. Input
    Your Meter
  7. After
    which, confirm Payment & Details Enter 1
  8. Once done, you should
    then receive a confirmation notice on EcoCash and via SMS

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