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Spectranet Mifi Prices For Different Data Plans And All You Need To Know » Data Plan Bundle

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Spectranet Mifi Prices For Different Data Plans And All You Need To Know » Data Plan Bundle

For many who wish to use high-quality
4G LTE connection that might be wondering which Spectranet data plans are worth
using, today we will talk about this, learn about its subscription prices,
devices and MiFi connection as well as all you need to know once you become
their client.

First About Spectranet

Spectranet stands out among all other
Nigerian firms that offer internet services. They are the first company to
introduce 4G LTE connection which the speed is been enjoyed by many students,
families, and businesses. Today their 4G network is available in several cities
across the country. People now can use it in Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and
Lagos. But however, many others are not able to enjoy the 4G by Spectranet
because they live in territories not covered by the network.

The Spectranet MiFi, WiFi, Modem, And Devices

For you to enjoy spectranet, you need
to purchase Spectranet device or modem along with a SIM card. Below are all
available Spectranet devices for purchase:

  • The Portable MiFi: here is a very quality and
    nice device for connection to mobile hotspots
  • The Indoor WiFi : this device offers very fast
    internet connection to office users and families
  • The Freedom MiFi 2017: another good gadget
    that offers a strong signal and can be easily connected to your PC.
  • The Outdoor Modem: here is a wonderful device
    for accessing internet anywhere you are as long as the area is covered by
    Spectranet’s network
  • The TOZ Indoor CPE: here is a device that
    offers WiFi internet connection to over 10 users at the same time
  • The Pebble MiFi 2017: this device provides
    access to mobile hotspots for multiple users

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The Spectranet Mifi Cost And data plans  

Spectranet Freedom Mifi currently goes for N16,000 and you get 15GB Free. They have a wide variety of data plans you can enjoy. Most of them has extra bonus, so we would like to list them separately. Below are the main packages without the bonus:

  • The 4GB plan which costs 3,000 Naira and offers
    you nothing extra
  • The 7GB plan which cost 5,000 Naira for this
  • The 15GB plan which cost 7,000 Naira
  • The 20GB plan which cost 7,500 Naira
  • The 40GB plan which cost 11,000 Naira
  • The Unlimited Gold Plan which cost 18,000 Naira
Please note that the above mentioned
plan does not any bonus attached.

The Spectranet Free Night Browsing

Here comes the plans that offer you
interesting bonus. With this, you can enjoy the no-cost night browsing from 1
am to 7 am every night:

  • The 25GB plan which will cost you 10,000 Naira
    and offers you free all night internet
  • The 40GB plan which cost 12,500 Naira with
    free all night internet
  • The 50GB plan which cost 13,000 Naira
  • The 55GB data plan which cost 20,000 Naira
  • The 110GB plan which cost 40,000 Naira
  • The 200GB plan which happens to be the most
    expensive at 70,000 Naira
Please not that to use this gadgets
and spectranet services, you have to meet three main requirements which are:

  • You must reside in area covered by the 4G LTE
    offered by Spectranet.
  • Buy any of the devices (MiFi, WiFi or USB)
    sold by spectranet.
  • Must have a handset, PC or tablet device that
    meets the minimum system requirements.

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