Zenith Bank Online Account Opening Procedures, The Requirements And All You Must Know » Data Plan Bundle

    Zenith Bank Online Account Opening Procedures, The Requirements And All You Must Know » Data Plan Bundle

    To open a Zenith Bank savings account no longer require you to visit a bank branch to stand in a long queue for hours before you can achieve that, you can now open an account easily online and you will get your account number instantly. The only thing you would need is an internet enabled device, your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

    The Benefits Of Zenith Online Banking

    are lots of benefit of banking with zenith, but before we will tell you how to
    register for Zenith online banking, let’s find out the benefits of this type of
    banking. The Zenith Bank Plc, has two types of online banking, which are corporate
    and personal internet banking, and both can bring you a lot of beneficial
    options. However, check out what the main benefits of the personal online
    banking are:

    1. Very Convenient. With this kind of banking, it can
      be done either from your home or office, and there is no need to leave your
    2. It’s available all day. This type of banking is
      available for you twenty-four hours per day.
    3. It’s User-friendly. There online banking interface
      is really easy and simple for everyone.
    4. You get SMS and e-mail
      bank sent a notification to every user to keep them informed about their
      transactions and bank news.
    5. It enables easy management of
      your account.
      is very good for busy people because with your Zenith online banking account,
      you will save a lot of energy and time.

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    The Account Opening Requirements

    • A duly
      completed account opening
    • A recent
      clear passport photograph of the applicant.
    • A mode
      of Identification of the applicant (Driver’s License, International Passport,
    • A residence
      permit (where applicable)
    • A public
      Utility bill Receipt such as PHCN bill, water rate bill, tenement rate or rent,
      which is dated within the last three months

    How To Open An Account Online

    1. To open account, you will need to download the application form from
      Zenith Bank official website and print it out.
    2. After which, you will need to download the Service Agreement. Please
      note that you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader program to read PDF files.
    3. Then Input your personal details.
    4. You should also know that the forms should be submitted to any bank that
      is close to you. But this time you will not have to wait for a long time. After
      which, the sealed pack that will contains your login details such as your username,
      password, and access code, will arrive in about 24 to 48 hours. But if you
      would like to collect it personally, you can go to the bank where your form was
      submitted. Once you have received your login details, you will have to go to
      the official web portal of Zenith Bank www.zenithbank.com and choose the internet banking
      option. For you to log in successfully, the browser has to accept cookies,
      which is used to remember your logging details. After this, the process is
      completed and you will then have access to all the best features of Zenith bank
      online banking.
    you should know that Zenith Bank also has a strong online security, and all of
    your personal details will be protected. The official web portal of Zenith Bank
    has an 128-bit encryption, and this happens to be the best protection for any
    sites that involve in different kinds of financial transactions. The encryption
    ensures that the information shared between your computer and Zenith bank is
    protected and can never be accessed by anyone.

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