Glo Unlimited Data Cheat Tricks 2020

    In this article, I will be sharing with you the trending Glo unlimited cheat 2020. This cheat are been sold by many free browsing cheat vendor.  The most loving part of this Glo free browsing cheat tricks is that VPN is not required and your data is not limited too. it works unlimited for browsing, downloading, streaming or even socializing with family or friends.

    I have decided to share it free to mark the celebration of the season. Enjoy the cheat while it last. No free browsing cheat lasts. less I forget HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    NOTE: No free browsing cheat lasts for forever. Once Glo telecom blocks the ISP that supplies the cheat. It will stop working. Act fast now and enjoy it.

    Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2020 Requirements

     For you to enjoy this Glo free browsing cheat you need the following.

    • SIM: 2 Glo Sim cards
    • Platform: Android/iOS
    • Internet: 3G/4G
    • Airtime: N200 (minimum)
    • No VPN required
    • Activation Time: Instant/1 Mins. This means the activation is done instantly, no need waiting for a connection or a few minutes for anything, in fact, the only thing you might just wait almost a minute is for Glo to verify they've given you the 40MB. Once that has been given to you, you can begin browsing witht the sim or just share the data to another glo SIM and begin browsing, it has been activated without stress.
    • Traffic Plan: Glo Old Yakata; It's a must you are on Glo Old Yakata's plan for this to work as expected. #100# is used to check your glo status if it's old or new
    •  Begin Browsing with the SIM
    •  Share the data to another Glo Sim if you want with this code *127*01*number#
    • It is not a must the second/browsing sim must be on Glo Yakata
    • Even if you have Airtime, it will still work
    • Sharing is limited to 5 Glo Numbers
    • Load N100 Card every 4 days is recommended, but it auto-renews weekly if you have more than N100 on your SIM
    • Click HERE to know your Glo Phone Number

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