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Are you all about helping people figure themselves out? Do you have
good tips to offer? Do you have any experiences that are worth sharing?

believe that everyone has some story to tell. If you also fall in this
category, then my friend you have arrived at the right destination.

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Why write for us?

You Don’t Need to be a Blogger:- Submitting posts on
our blog is not limited to just professionals. Even if you are a
non-blogger, you have the opportunity to be a part of our blog and share
interesting stories with our readers.

Bring Positivity to people’s lives:- Apart from
personal gains, you will get a chance to help others out by
sharing your experiences and life lessons. Your writing will help in
bringing out the best in others, exciting, isn’t it?

No Deadlines:-
Since you shall be an independent writer, you may take your own time to
write and submit your posts. You won’t be working under the pressure of
deadlines. Write when you are free or when you experience something
worth sharing.

What should you write about?

We discuss a large variety of topics. You are to submit posts
that are unique, informative, inspirational and motivational. 

Here are
the categories that you may choose to write from-

  • Success
  • Goal setting
  • Productivity
  • Inspiration
  • Habits
  • Fitness
  •  How To
  • Tutorials 
  • Teaching and many among others

How to submit?

  •  Draft your in posts wordfile to saviour.esara67 @ gmail.com with your blog and site links. 

  • The subject of your email must be “Guest Post- Category- Title”.
  • Please apply with a few sentences about yourself, in addition, mention your prior experiences when it comes to writing(If any).
  • If, approved, you will get a mail from us informing the same, along with the scheduled date.
  • Do provide the email address that you use for your gravatar profile.
  • And, if by any chance you post doesn’t get approved, feel free to mail us another post.

Notes: You should know that FreedyGist is a dofollow blog. So that if you want to get backlink from this blog too, then you can send your posts to us. We will post your posts in our blog with your links.

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