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If you want to share an interesting article as a guest post, If you want
to promote your business, product or services, continue reading.

My blog, Freedygist is a great place to promote your business, startup, products or services with a sponsored post which can also include images, contact information etc. T

Trust me, promoting your business, products or event with a blog post is far more better than banner advertisement. You can google the advantages of content marketing.

Sponsored posts, which can include press releases, videos, articles, interviews…you name it, cost N4000 only  per article and payment is required before posts go live on my blog.

Apart from posting your article on my blog, I also share across my
social networks, bbm, whatsapp etc and if your article is interesting, I
might boost it with Facebook ad too

Sponsoring a post will get your info permanently available on my blog, blasted out to my thousands social media followers, and passed along through RSS feeds and newsletters.

I will also make your info stick to the homepage of the blog  for an entire 60days, no matter how many posts published after your sponsored post.

Kindly note that your Sponsored Post will stay on my blog every 6 month as the blog exists.

I and those that share my posts will also share the post on  BBM
Channels, Facebook, Twitter etc. I will also use hootsuite to keep
sharing the post with my other posts continuously on my social networks
when I schedule my posts with the app.

I am more active on Facebook and you can be rest assured that I will over-hype you on my Facebook timeline, Pages and Groups.
You can connect with me on Facebook : www.facebook.com/Saviour.esara

Cool, I am interested. What Should I Do?

==> Send a mail to SAviour.esara67 @ gmail.com with the subject “Interested in a Sponsored Post“.

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